It goes by soooooo fast.

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I’ve often been told not to blink, that watching your kids grow up goes by so fast. That couldn’t be more true. Each day brings a new adventure. Ethan now pee’s standing up, Emily continues to shoot up like a weed, it’s truly amazing!

Lesson Number 2365

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Children don’t understand privacy. Yesterday I was using the restroom when my 4 year old came home. She proceeded to tell me she needed to use the restroom. When I told her I’d be right out. She said “it’s OK daddy, I’ll just sit here with you and wait”.


Memorial Day Fun In Old Town Sac!

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Click thumbnail to see more photos

Click thumbnail to see more photos

It’s been awhile since I took out my Canon 40D and 50mm prime f1.8 lens… Wait, scratch that, I took the kids out for some fun AND my Canon 40D with my 50mm prime f1.8 lens.  We headed to Old Town Sacramento and took in the sights.  The Sacramento Jazz Jubilee was in full swing so music could be found on each and every street corner.

We took the kids on a ride on the train.  They LOVED it!  Check out the pics and enjoy!

Weekend Fun

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Had some fun last weekend with my babies. I’ve been meaning to post these all week.

A Trip To The Dentist

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1212182348zeen13What a week and it’s only Tuesday!

The fun actually began last week when Ethan had an accident at daycare that cracked his two upper central incisors.  Yes, I had to look that up (aka. his two front teeth).  :)

He saw the dentist late last week and they were able to fix the teeth this morning.  Nothing too major except it was classified as oral surgery since he had to undergo anesthesia.  Me and Jen spent most of the day padding the walls since Ethan likes to climb on EVERYTHING!  Yes, we know, boys will be boys.  That doesn’t change the fact we don’t want him to damage anymore of his teeth.

Switching gears slightly, Ethan said something this weekend that made me light up like a candle.  On Sunday he said “I Love You”.  His speech is soooooo clear, it’s absolutely amazing!  He’s brilliant, he is my son is he not?