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p23_jpg1What exactly is “Pookie”?

The Wikipedia defines “Pookie” as an affectionate term used to describe someone with a particularly endearing personality and cute charm.

“Pookie” is the nickname I gave Jennifer when we started dating in 1997.  I even had a sub domain (my apologies for the geek moment) on the CSU Chico network called

But I digress, I’m getting ahead of myself… we must first start at the beginning.

In 1996 I started dating a girl in Chico after a weekend visiting my friend Jason.  After a few months of driving back and fourth from San Jose (my hometown) to Chico, I decided to transfer from San Jose State to Chico State.  Before I knew itm I had been accepted and shortly there after the girl I was dating in Chico and I parted ways.  At that point I’d fallen in love… with the town (bet you thought I was going to say the girl). :)  But love would come soon enough…

p24_jpgDespite the “break up” I decided to move ahead with my transfer.  In August of 1997, I moved into room 160 of Shasta Hall.  It was there I met a girl in room 123 by the name of Jennifer.

At first sight she looked like she’d traveled to Chico through Doc Brown’s time machine.  She had long brown hair sporting the “80’s hair bear” style.  She looked like she was on her way to a Depeche Mode concert.  Despite the dated hairstyle, there was something different about her.

It didn’t take me long to realize I had something special with Jennifer.  We dated throughout college and on August 5th 2001, I made one of the smartest decisions of my life… While on a picnic in Bidwell Park, I asked her to marry me.

19_jpgIt was a beautiful day, I was nervous as hell. I even asked Jennifer to stop talking so I could get out all the words I had inside. I am ever so lucky she said yes. Someone once said, “It’s amazing how a girl from the desert fell in love with a guy from the big city”.  Two different worlds, two different people yet so in love.  On October 5th 2002 I married my best friend.

Throughout the years I made a few “Jennifer Songs”. You ask, what exactly is a “Jennifer Song”? It was my feelings for Jennifer during the time period combined in one song. If that still doesn’t make sense, scroll down and play one of them and you’ll understand.

Fast forward 7 years…

jen-01012007After years of trying to start a family, on March 15th 2007 the Lord blessed us with the arrival of Emily. It was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen. Any questions I had about miracles were answered in the seconds she came into the world. To our surprise came our “Mr. Smiles” (aka Ethan) on October 16th 2008.  Not a day goes by that I don’t stop and thank the Lord for our amazing miracles. I consider myself the most blessed man in the world.

Many of you know I’ve maintained a blog at (since 2001) but since the start of our family, I felt the site needed something more. We’re not Jen and Mike… we’re Jen, Mike, Em and E-Man but that doesn’t roll off the tongue or work well as a web address. I remember thinking “what domain name can I find to showcase my adorable family? and became a reality.

There you have it, our history to date. If they were to write about the story of my life, they would have to mention you with every page they’d write. The book of our life is only half written so visit the What’s New page to read the most recent chapter.

Year 1 “I Love You Jen Song”

Year 3 “I Love You Jen Song”

1 Year of Marriage “I Love You Jen Song”

Other special songs

Our First Dance | Michael W. Smith – The Other Side of Me

Elton John – Your Song

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