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Lesson Number 2365

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Children don’t understand privacy. Yesterday I was using the restroom when my 4 year old came home. She proceeded to tell me she needed to use the restroom. When I told her I’d be right out. She said “it’s OK daddy, I’ll just sit here with you and wait”.


Weekend Fun

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Had some fun last weekend with my babies. I’ve been meaning to post these all week.

10 Month Tootache

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tooth-fairyYou heard it here first, ETHAN DID IT!!!!! My adorable baby boy cut his first tooth today. To be more specific, his central incisor (center bottom) is poking through.

From top to bottom, potty training with Emily is going well.  The count for this weekend is 2 successful potty breaks.  She’s actually sitting on the potty right now with Mommy.

Sorry, I just lost my train of thought…  Ethan crawled up to me and something didn’t smell right so I just took a quick break to “clean up”.  When will he be potty trained?

So back to Emily… she has incentive to potty in the toilet.  She is absolutely IN LOVE with Dora The Explorer.  She especially loves “backpack”.  We got one for her but it’s hidden until she has 3 potty breaks for the weekend.  She still has about an hour before bed time so we’re hoping it will happen soon.

Making Sister Laugh

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So I pulled out the camera to shoot a little of the kids while they played tonight and I caught something fun and cute.  Ethan crawled toward the front door and discovered the door stopper.  As he played with it, Emily started busting up and it was HYSTERICAL.  Check out the video if you want a good laugh.

We’ve all fallen back into our routines but still wish we were on vacation.  Next weekend we’re going to try to go camping with our friends Josh and Tracy.  It will be Emily’s 3rd camping trip and Ethan’s first.  Not sure if it’s going to happen yet but we’ll see.

Monterey – Day 1

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Today might have been the most exciting day in Emily’s life (to date).  We arrived in Monterey for the First Annual George/Smith Summer Vacation.  The trip from Sacramento went well.  Jennifer’s sister Kate flew in on Tuesday night and we all drove down together on Thursday morning.  This was the first time we inlisted help from our portable DVD player and it ended up being one of the best travel companions for the kids.

For the four hour trek (with many stops of course) I heard 10 episodes of Curious George, 2 Dora’s and 1 Finding Nemo (I love that movie even when I can only hear it).  We arrived in Monterey around 1pm and since the hotel is just a few blocks from Fisherman’s Warf, we decided to walk to the warf and have some lunch.  We have an ajoining room to Grandma and Grandpa so it’s been really nice having a few extra sets of eyes (and hands) to help keep Emily and Ethan entertained.

Emily is IN LOVE with the ocean!  She loved looking at the boats, birds and “the Jellyfish”.  Ethan stayed strapped to my chest for most of the day and between naps was happy and excited.  After an afternoon nap had by all, we went down to the pool for a swim.  She was SOOOOOOO excited to swim.  So much so that I had to jump into the water to adjust much faster than I would have liked to.  We played in the water for awhile and it would have been longer if the wind hadn’t been blowing so hard. :)

It’s only 6am and the kids (and mom) are still fast asleep but in a few hours were headed to The Monterey Bay Aquarium.  I can’t wait to see the look on Emily’s face. :)