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Lesson Number 2365

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Children don’t understand privacy. Yesterday I was using the restroom when my 4 year old came home. She proceeded to tell me she needed to use the restroom. When I told her I’d be right out. She said “it’s OK daddy, I’ll just sit here with you and wait”.


A Trip To The Dentist

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1212182348zeen13What a week and it’s only Tuesday!

The fun actually began last week when Ethan had an accident at daycare that cracked his two upper central incisors.  Yes, I had to look that up (aka. his two front teeth).  :)

He saw the dentist late last week and they were able to fix the teeth this morning.  Nothing too major except it was classified as oral surgery since he had to undergo anesthesia.  Me and Jen spent most of the day padding the walls since Ethan likes to climb on EVERYTHING!  Yes, we know, boys will be boys.  That doesn’t change the fact we don’t want him to damage anymore of his teeth.

Switching gears slightly, Ethan said something this weekend that made me light up like a candle.  On Sunday he said “I Love You”.  His speech is soooooo clear, it’s absolutely amazing!  He’s brilliant, he is my son is he not?

Double Ear Infection

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Poor boy!  Ethan has ANOTHER double ear infection.  He’s been on antibiotics since Friday so he’s feeling a lot better today.  Nonetheless, it’s still hard to see him in pain.

img_0844This weekend has been anticlimactic.  We found an amazing deal on ceramic pots for the front of the house (see photo).

It’s suppose to rain today so I’m affraid we don’t have any great outdoor plans.  However today kicks off MY BIRTHDAY WEEK.  Yes, I am 29 once again!  We’re planning a trip to John’s Incredible Pizza later this week with the kids.  It’s funny how things change.  Jennifer asked me where I wanted to go for my birthday and the first thing that came to mind was some place fun for the kids. :)

Kite Flying and Slow Dancing

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This week marks a number of “first”.  Earlier in the week, I shared my first slow dance with Emily.  I was playing a song by Brandon Heath (now featured on the main page of our site) and Emily looked up at me.  I asked if she wanted to dance and the rest was history.  It will forever be a memory that is burned in my brain.

Emily's first time flying a kite!

Emily's first time flying a kite!

Today marked another first.  We had a family picnic and thanks to Aunt Michelle, we flew kites for the first time!!!  Emily loved it.  She kept saying “look daddy, I’m doing it”.  I would respond with, “excellent job pumpkin, you’re awesome”.  The rest of the day she couldn’t stop telling me how “awesome” I was.

Ethan has been talking like crazy since Grandma and Grandpa were in town.  He now says (clearly) Yellow, Purple, Ball, Baby, Door, Dora, Bubbles, Thank You, Emmy, Airplane, NO and the list goes on and on.  It’s adorable!

Daddy Daycare Weekend …

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I had a wonderful weekend with the kids!  Jennifer enjoyed some MUCH needed time off on Saturday so it was me and the kids.  We ate, drank beer, watched football and sat in our underwear.

Ok, so maybe not all of above but you get the idea.  It really was a awesome day.  A comment on my Facebook got me thinking though.  Why is it called “Daddy Daycare” when dad watches the kids and “Life” when mom does it?  With that said, I’d like to retract earlier comments made about “Daddy Daycare” and instead call it “Daddy Daughter and Son Time”.  Doesn’t have the same ring but you get the point.

Baby GirlI was looking through some old photos and found the picture at right.  I can hardly remember a day without Emily (and Ethan of course) in my life.  This photo was taken late March of 2007.  I was in love with her the first time I saw her.

If I could find a way to freeze time (or at least slow it down), I’d be a happy man! :)