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A Little More Conversation…

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A Gift For Gab…is the theme in our household. I am proud to say our daughter has inherited my “gift for gab”. She’s at that age where we can make full conversations with her. We talk about her day, cartoons and most of all, how much I love her. My mom used to say to me, “have I told you today?” I’ve carried on the tradition. Everyday I make sure to ask, “have I told you today?” Emily usually responds with “have I told you today Daddy” or sometimes I get lucky and she says “I love you.” I need to remember these moments because in about 12 years she’ll probably tell me how much she hates me. :(

As football season begins, I can’t wait to introduce Ethan and Emily to a football game. I know I’ll have to be the one to do it because if I leave it up to Jen, these kids will NEVER see a football game for the remainder of time. :)

Blowing Out A Candle

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Random moments happen throughout parenthood. I came home from an afternoon jog to find Jennifer and Emily blowing out a candle. It seemed a bit random so I asked Jennifer how it came about. She said Emily (out of the blue) had asked to blow out candles. Looks to me like she’s ready for her third birthday. Looks like my little girl is planning ahead since her next birthday isn’t until March of 2010. Better to be prepared I guess.

Chuck E. Cheese Ball

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We took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time tonight.  I haven’t been in at least 10 years and I remembered the pizza being acceptable, boy were my memories wrong.  It reminded me a microwave pizza left in just a little too long.  But who goes to Chuck E. Cheese for pizza anyway… it’s the place for a kid to be a kid, right?

I’ll tell you what it is.  It’s a place for parents to empty their wallets.  $40 later, I feel abused.  BUT BUT BUT, Emily had an amazing time and I will gladly empty my wallet everyday of the week to see that look on her face… at least for now.

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I spent some daddy/daughter time with Emmy at the park earlier today.  I pushed her back and fourth on the swing until my arms were ready to fall off.  I even got on the swing next to her and show her how to push out her legs when going forward and pull them back to keep moving.  We still have some work to go but she’ll get it soon enough and then I’ll wonder what happened to the days when I used to push her.

A Snapshot Of The Family

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Click photo to see more

We took the kids to Target for a little photo shoot this morning and decided to jump in for a few.  Here’s a collage of some of the pictures taken.

We’ve all been battling a little stomach bug.  Luckly Mommy has escaped it but both kids and I got it and it was no fun.

Baby Bumble Bee Song

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If one BLOG entry wasn’t enough for today, how about another? Jennifer and Emmy enjoyed some song time after dinner tonight. We had to look up the lyrics, Emily knew it better than us! Click here to see the video in full screen.