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Kite Flying and Slow Dancing

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This week marks a number of “first”.  Earlier in the week, I shared my first slow dance with Emily.  I was playing a song by Brandon Heath (now featured on the main page of our site) and Emily looked up at me.  I asked if she wanted to dance and the rest was history.  It will forever be a memory that is burned in my brain.

Emily's first time flying a kite!

Emily's first time flying a kite!

Today marked another first.  We had a family picnic and thanks to Aunt Michelle, we flew kites for the first time!!!  Emily loved it.  She kept saying “look daddy, I’m doing it”.  I would respond with, “excellent job pumpkin, you’re awesome”.  The rest of the day she couldn’t stop telling me how “awesome” I was.

Ethan has been talking like crazy since Grandma and Grandpa were in town.  He now says (clearly) Yellow, Purple, Ball, Baby, Door, Dora, Bubbles, Thank You, Emmy, Airplane, NO and the list goes on and on.  It’s adorable!

My Little Chef

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Emily wearing Aunt Katie’s birthday gift.

It’s Starting To Look Alot Like …

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SPRING!!!  Wow, what an amazing weekend!  It was one of those weekends you finish up and think “Wow, I got a lot of stuff done this weekend”.

We spent Saturday working in the yard.  Emily was a HUGE help with pulling weeds.  We also trimmed back shrubs, mowed the lawn and fertilized to make the house look good for Emily’s birthday party in a few weeks.  The house looks AWESOME!

Click the thumbnail to see more photos.

Click the thumbnail to see more photos.

We spent Sunday afternoon at the park with Aunt Michelle.  We had another excellent picnic with play time at the park  with pictures to show for it.

I spent Sunday evening practicing my new hobby — hanging curtains.  Yeah, I know, it’s about time I trade in my “guy card” but I have to say I’ve grown really fond of hanging curtains. I spent my Sunday afternoon at Dan and Lanie’s house.

So here’s the thing… When it comes to electrical or low voltage wiring, I’m your guy but I’ve always been scared of curtains or appliance repair.  In the last month, I’ve hung 8 sets of curtains in two different homes and fully dismantled my oven to replace the ignition.  So if curtains or appliance repair scares you I pass on this word of advice —  If you put your mind to it, you can acomplish anything.  Bonus points if you can identify what movie that’s from.

Have a wonderful week and thanks for reading.