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When Did I Grow Up?

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It seems like only yesterday I was looking for the best deal on a pint of beer and now I spend double the time looking for the best deal on diapers. Why didn’t anyone tell me this goes by so quick? With Christmas 11 days away, it’s AWESOME to see the excitement build in Emily! Yesterday we went to the California Auto Museum for Family Fun Day and we had a great time making ginger bread cookies, cards and spending one on one time with Santa!!! Emily just LOVES Santa and to my surprise, so does Ethan!

I spent last night improving my Christmas lights display.  I added over 1,000 (no joke) lights to the trees in the front yard.  I sure hope I can get them down at the end of the season.  I know one thing, PG&E is VERY merry this holiday season.

It’s our first Christmas in the new house so we’re excited for the big day!!!  Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Kee Kee are coming into town next week so that’s when the real fun begins.