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Ho Ho Ho

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thekidsandunclepaulWhat a great holiday weekend!!! Uncle Paul came up for Thanksgiving and stayed most of the weekend. The kids absolutely loved having him around.

We spent most of Sunday decorating, the house looks great!  I even took on the challenge of putting Christmas lights on the new house.  The first year is always the hardest since I installed hooks on each rafter to make installation easier in the future.  I haven’t made it up to the second story — yet. :)

As I reflect on Thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful for.  The old house went on the market 30 days ago, had an offer in 8 hours and closed escrow in 27 days.  We’re officially back to one mortgage payment. :)  More importantly, my adorable babies have me smitten.  Seeing Christmas through Emily’s eyes is AWESOME!  She already knows what she wants to ask Santa for… a pink “bike-o-wheel” (tricycle).

This is definitely my FAVORITE time of year.

Check out the video of me and Uncle Paul teaching Ethan how to play Ms. Pacman!

Five Years Ago…

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… we moved into our first home in Roseville.  Five years, two kids, one dog (RIP Ollie) and a new house, it’s amazing how much can change in a short time.

cv28So the big challenge I have this season is putting Christmas lights on the new house. I’ve never put lights on a two story before.

Do I get on the roof, buy a tall ladder or rent a scissor lift? My buddy Dan suggests I put hooks up and buy a long painters pole. That’s fine and dandy but how do I get the hooks on the house? I guess I could hire someone but let’s face it, I want to be able to do this year after year so I need to figure out a system.

Any thoughts?

That’s all I got for now. :)

Gobble Gobble

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Gooble GoobleWow, what a month!  I can’t believe how long it’s been since my last blog entry…

Tomorrow marks the first 30 days in the new house and things are finally starting to come together.  We still have a few boxes that need attention but we’re unpacked (for the most part).  We’re in the process of removing the last items from the old house so that’s fun.

The kids are amazing as always.  Emily has mastered the art of potty training.  The “marshmallow” incentive seems to be driving things along.  I’m proud to say we only had one accident this past week.  We need to work on the overnights, but in time that will come.

Ethan is doing wonderful too.  When asked where Mommy, Daddy or Sissy is, he points and smiles.  We can tell he REALLY wants to talk.  At this point he points at things he wants and shakes his head no when “we have it all wrong”. :)

Life is good.

Little Cowboy and The Bumble Bee

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Last night marks Ethan’s first Halloween!!!

Technically, it’s his second but he was only a few weeks old last year so I don’t think that matters.  Ethan dressed as a cowboy while Emily was an adorable bumble bee.  Emily really got the hang of things this year.  She would practice her “trick or treats”.  Once the door would open she’d get real shy and not say anything.  It was adorable.  Ethan was also VERY cute.  He got scared a few times and started to cry but other than that, he was adorable in his costume.

The new neighborhood goes ALL OUT when it comes to this holiday.  In the old neighborhood, I was known as the neighbor that played scary music but this neighboorhood puts any of my past efforts to shame.

When it comes time for Christmas, I need to step up my game.