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I am doing my best to get thro…

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I am doing my best to get through this Monday. Had a great weekend with the kids and I miss them SOOOOO much today.

I Think I Can I Think I Can…

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the-little-engine-that-couldOur little man wants to walk SOOOOOOOO bad! Ethan continues to make attempts at walking. He lets go and tries to take steps between two people or pieces of furniture but it doesn’t quite happen yet. He’s gotten good and pushing the trash can and his high chair around.  We plan to take a picnic later today so I’ll most likely post some pictures from the outing later.

35 days and counting until Ethan’s first birthday!

Ethan Shows His Teeth

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Little man has two teeth that have broken through. More specifically, his bottom two teeth and I caught some fun with the camera tonight.

A Little More Conversation…

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A Gift For Gab…is the theme in our household. I am proud to say our daughter has inherited my “gift for gab”. She’s at that age where we can make full conversations with her. We talk about her day, cartoons and most of all, how much I love her. My mom used to say to me, “have I told you today?” I’ve carried on the tradition. Everyday I make sure to ask, “have I told you today?” Emily usually responds with “have I told you today Daddy” or sometimes I get lucky and she says “I love you.” I need to remember these moments because in about 12 years she’ll probably tell me how much she hates me. :(

As football season begins, I can’t wait to introduce Ethan and Emily to a football game. I know I’ll have to be the one to do it because if I leave it up to Jen, these kids will NEVER see a football game for the remainder of time. :)

Emily’s First Ride On A Carousel

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Uncle Paul came into town this weekend and while at the Galleria Mall in Roseville, we took Emily on her first carousel ride.  She LOVED it!