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Attention Parents of Toddlers

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Anyone that follows this blog on our site (or Facebook) knows that I constantly rant and rave about my adorable kids.  As each day passes, they become more and more adorable BUT we’re faced with a challenge.  I’m sure you parents can relate, the terrible two’s are here with a force.

So I’ve decided to use modern technology and ask you parents for the tips and tricks to battling the Terrible Two’s!  What worked for you and what didn’t?

Fourth of July Fun in Lake Tahoe

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All good things must come to an end.  We just got home from our little weekend getaway in Lake Tahoe.  The last time we saw fireworks in Tahoe it was 9 YEARS AGO, it’s hard to believe it’s been that long!

We started our weekend with a quick detour.  My fiend Chuck has a cabin at Donor Lake so we stopped to pay a visit and get in a quick swim.  It was A LOT of fun and a great surprise.  Then it was off to Tahoe!

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The kids did well.  Ethan was his normal smiley self while Emily was happy and pleasant most of the time.  She did great UNTIL it was time for bed last night.  Can someone say OVER STIMULATED? :) Ethan lay awake; peaceful in Mommy’s arms while Emmy sat in my lap for most of the show.  She loved the pretty colors but wasn’t terribly fond of the “boom boom” of the fireworks.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend with the kids.  I think we settled on a new family tradition!

Live From Lake Tahoe!

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Hello from beautiful Tahoe City. Please excuse my typos since I’m writing this on my iPhone.

We made the trek with the kids to check out the awesome fireworks show they do here. We’ve reserved a great spot and packed a great picnic. My hope is that the kids will hold out. I’m not too worried about Ethan but Emily didn’t have much of a nap so this could be hit or miss. I guess only time will tell…

Red, White and Poo

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Mr. Smiles is ALL OVER THE PLACE. It’s amazing how much I forgot from the time Emily was this age to now. He crawls like crazy and pulls himself up on everything… it’s adorable… most of the time.  We had fun with his hair after bath time, take a look at the pic to see more.

Today marks Ethan’s first 4th of July.  It’s actually the first 4th of July for both of them since Emily’s usally asleep for fireworks.  We’re headed out the door to Lake Tahoe.

That’s all for now, we’ll share some pictures when we come home.

I Brake For Meltdowns

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So I’m not gonna sugar coat this, the terrible twos are… yes, terrible at times.  We’ve learned that defining boundaries, enforcing punishment and being consistent is key.  Easier said than done for sure but we’re managing.

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Ethan is a mover and shaker.  He’s crawling like crazy and pulling himself up easily.  I swear he’s going to let go and take a step.  Everyone at daycare LOVES Ethan.  They say (and I’m sure they’re lying) he’s the best baby they’ve ever had.  All he does is laugh and smile.  They know that when Ethan (Nee Nee) cries, he must be hungry or wet.  I tried to catch some video of Ethan pulling himself up, instead he started laughing at me.