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Bath Time…

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… is so much fun!  I always thought my mom pur my sister in the tub together to embarrass us with photos later in life.  I have since learned that bathing two kids together makes things REALLY easy.

The most fun comes after the water stops and everyone is dry.  While putting Ethan in Pajamas we caught a fun moment on camera.  ENJOY.

Chuck E. Cheese Ball

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We took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time tonight.  I haven’t been in at least 10 years and I remembered the pizza being acceptable, boy were my memories wrong.  It reminded me a microwave pizza left in just a little too long.  But who goes to Chuck E. Cheese for pizza anyway… it’s the place for a kid to be a kid, right?

I’ll tell you what it is.  It’s a place for parents to empty their wallets.  $40 later, I feel abused.  BUT BUT BUT, Emily had an amazing time and I will gladly empty my wallet everyday of the week to see that look on her face… at least for now.

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I spent some daddy/daughter time with Emmy at the park earlier today.  I pushed her back and fourth on the swing until my arms were ready to fall off.  I even got on the swing next to her and show her how to push out her legs when going forward and pull them back to keep moving.  We still have some work to go but she’ll get it soon enough and then I’ll wonder what happened to the days when I used to push her.

Go Wiggles!

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Wow, what a night!  We took the kids to see The Wiggles in concert and Emily absolutely LOVED IT.  Sadly, the memory card in the camera was faulty.  Thanks to modern technology, I was able to recover most everything (except the videos) off the card.

The videos may be lost but the memories are burned in my brain.  Emily had soooooo much fun.  At one point she shouted “Go Wiggles” at the top of her lungs.  While other kids sat quiet, Emily let the world know she was a hard core fan.  We even got to see Murray Wiggle up close!!!!!

It was probably some of the most fun we’ve had at a concert together, enjoying it all through the kids eyes.

Ethan On The Move

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It started! At just nine months, Ethan’s showing an amazing drive to walk. He now stands up with aide from a toy and walks across the room. Check out the newly uploaded video for a glimpse.

Emily continues to test boundaries but is learning more and more each day.

How did I get so lucky?  I have everything I could ever want in life.

The Magic of Stickers, It’s Potty Time!

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Sticker FunSome history… For the past few weeks, Emily has been going potty at school (daycare) on her own.  She’s been so consistent they put her in big girl pants at school, she tells them when she needs to go potty and the rest is history.  She comes home for the day and wants nothing to do with the potty.  So we set up a little reward system with stickers and I am proud to report we had two sucessful pee pee’s in the potty today!!!

In other news, Ethan is all over the place.  He pulls himself up with little or no effort and has starting take steps, with help of course.  Check out the latest video in the My Videos section.