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So it’s been awhile

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So I continue to upload lots of pictures but I’ve been lacking in keeping the blog up to date.

Lots of crazy stuff going on in our life.  Ethan continues to smile like crazy and he seems to enjoy me singing Barry Manilow hits.  I have no dobht this boy is going to be secure in his manhood.  The most excitement we’ve seen is around everyone being sick.  Me seem to have passed around the stomach flu to everyone we know and the kids seem to continually come down with every cold and cough known to man.  I seem to have avoided the cold/cough combo but not the stomach flu.

Ethan goes into daycare next week as Jennifer goes back to work.  Time seems to fly by.  We’re in the process of buying a new house although the process has been a bit frustrating.  We continue to have faith that if it’s going to work out, it will.  Work has been super busy for me which is GOOD in an economy like today.  We’re blessed to both have good jobs and a health family so no matter what happens I’m a lucky man.

That’s all for now.  Make sure to check out all the new photos.