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It’s beginning to look a lot like…

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SMILES!  Things have certainly picked up in our household.  Ethan turned 9 weeks yesterday.  He continues to get stronger and he now babbles and smiles like crazy.  We had our 2 month check up the other day and he weighed in at 10 1/2 lbs.  Can someone say next line backer for the 49ers?

Emily is soooooo into Christmas lights this season.  Everyday on the ride home she points out each and every house with lights.  I put lights on the house on Thanksgiving and she still can’t get enough of them.  She continues to be a big help with baby brother.

All the family is due in on Saturday and with less than a week until Christmas it’s about to get even more fun here!

New Pictures!

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I’ve added new pictures of Ethan and Emily seeing the Christmas tree for the first time.  We braved the weather this year and made the trip to Home Depot in Roseville.  Yeah, we didn’t have the “cut down a Christmas Tree” experience but we sure got one good looking tree.  At least Emily and Ethan liked it.

Check out Emily’s response as she wipes the  sleepy out of her eyes.

Roll Little Man… Roll

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He did it!  Yesterday (12/6/2008) Ethan rolled over from his tummy to back.  We are sooooo proud! He’s also starting smiling which is absolutely adorable.  Emily also started doing something really cute.  She now welcomes us with a “hi mama” or “hi dada” when we come home or walk in the room.  She’s also starting to make short sentences.  We’re starting to learn “Emily Language” which has proven to be a bit challenging at times.

We got our Christmas tree today thanks to the good folks at Home Depot.  We plan on bringing it inside after everyone goes to bed tonight.  Time for dinner, that’s all for now.

Hi Daddy

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Hello from 33,000 somewhere over Nevada. I am on my way to Joplin, MO to do some work at one of our radio stations. I happen to have the worse seat on the plane. I am in the last row, middle seat and there is a jet engine outside my window. The engine is quite literally blocking my view.

Enough about the flight, let’s talk about Emily and Ethan. I’ve been away from them only a few hours and already I miss them. Just a few days ago Emily started saying “Hi Daddy” whenever I walk in the room and that just cracks my heart wide open. She has also learned a few new words like “ho ho ho” and “please” and a few others.

Ethan continues to grow like a weed. If I didn’t know better I’d think he had some turkey at Thanksgiving, the kid is putting on some pounds. These kids are so amazing!!!! I am such a huge sap now. Such a sap that I setup a web camera on the kitchen table so I can see the family while in Joplin.

Ok so back to my flight because I am not ready to end this blog entry. So being in a middle seat and being broad shouldered don’t mix. I sometimes remind myself that flying was MUCH worse when I was 90lbs heavier. I’m with good company though. The guy next to me is US Army on his way back to Iraq. He’s been in the military for 23 years and fought in the first gulf war. Obviously the US Government spares no expense since he too got the shaft when it came to seat choice. That’s all for now.