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Halloween Fast Approaches

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This Friday marks Emily’s second Halloween.  Last Christmas, Jim Frizzell gave her an authentic Stanford cheerleader outfit so we’ve decided to turn it into a Halloween costume this year.  Emily will be dressing up as a cheerleader why I’ll be a big and tough football player.  I can’t wait to take her trick or treating even though she’s probably a bit young to fully understand what’s going on.  Regardless, when she figures out people will hand her sugary treats I’m beating she’ll love the holiday.

Today marks Ethan’s two week birthday and check up.  He’s eating well so we’re thinking he’s definitely gained some weight.  Grandma remains in town and she’s been a huge help in keeping our household right side up.  I know I am bias but he’s honestly the cutest looking boy I have ever seen.  Big sister remains a huge help and I remained so blessed to have two healthy children.

I need sleep!

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No one could have prepared me for what it would be like to have two wonderful children.  I waited a lifetime for these kids so I’m not complaining just reflecting on the last few weeks.  Ethan is doing WONDERFUL.  He’s totally healthy and one hell of an eater.  Emily is still adjusting to baby brother but she’s a tremendous help and adjusting nicely.

Mom and dad are also adjusting and getting into “a groove”… luckily we still have help from Grandma!

I’ve added some photos recently so make sure to take a look at our photo page.

The Second Child — The Birth Story

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I’ve decided to blog my thoughts and memories from the last few days…

I arrived home from work on the afternoon of October 15th at about 3:40pm.  When I opened the door Jennifer instantly told me she thought she was leaking something.  Come to find out, her water broke right as I walked in the door.  A few days prior, Jennifer’s OB confirmed that she was 2cm dilated.  We were also having some mild contracts the 3 days prior so it was only a matter of time before this little boy decided to make his arrival so we were waiting impatiently.  So after Jennifer’s water broke, we started getting things together and made our trip to the hospital.  We got checked in around 4:30ish (3cm dilated) and in our room by 5PM.  At that time, Jennifer was having some mild contractions.

As things progressed we went through a period of nervousness as the doctor talked to us about the option of C-section.  Unfortunately, Jennifers blood pressure started dropping after she received pain medication.  Luckily, our guardian angel (Lein – LeAnne) came to our rescue at around 11PM.  Lein is an L&D night nurse at Kaiser Hospital.  She calmed us down and started repositioning Jennifer to take the stress off Ethan.  Shortly there after Jennifer’s blood pressure and Ethan’s heart rate stabilized.  Jennifer was also able to get some rest so that was good.

By 12:30AM Jennifer was 8cm and we thought it was only a matter of time before we started pushing.  We were even making jokes about how Ethan would make his arrival by 2AM.  Well he decided to take his sweet time.  He slowly made his trip down the birth canal and by about 6AM, Jennifer was ready to push.  We pushed in the labor room for about an hour.  At around 7:10 Jennifer was wheeled into the delivery room and at 7:23AM I met my beautiful baby boy.  As a daddy, a couple thoughts rushed through my mind earlier that morning.  I wondered if Ethan’s birth would be as impactful to me.  When Emily was born my lifetime dream of being a parent was fufilled and I cried like a baby.  I wondered what the birth of Ethan would be like.  As we rolled down to the delivery room I looked into Jennifer’s eyes and I saw love.  As Ethan’s head crowned and I watched Jennifer’s last push, I fell into pieces.  As to how impactful the experience was… I cried like a baby.

Both mom and baby are doing wonderful and I remain the most blessed man in this world.

A big hello for Ethan!

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So I’m well aware I have been TERRIBLE at blogging lately.  I have no excuse other than pure lack of time.  So much has changed since my last entry.  Emily continues to grow like a weed.  Last Thursday, October 16 @ 7:23AM we welcomed our second child, Ethan Michael to our loving family.  Ethan weighs 6lbs. 9.5ozs and measures 20 inches long.  Mom and baby are healthy and doing WONDERFUL.  Ethan has brown hair and (we think) brown eyes and he’s adorable.  I finally uploaded some new pictures so make sure to check out the photo gallery.