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Barrel of Monkeys

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What an amazing few weeks!  Emily is walking like crazy.  She can’t pull herself up yet without help but she’s getting the hang of it so it won’t be long now.  She has learned the art of trying to keep daddy from going to work.  She actually walks to the door and stands in front of it with her arms blocking it.

Baby boy still doesn’t have a name but is kicking like crazy.  I have yet to feel a kick but Jennifer says they’re hard enough that you can feel them if you touch her belly long enough.  We’ve started plans to do a little redesign of the nursery.  Since they’re sharing a room, we’ll need to change the color.  We’re also adding some “monkey attire” to spice it up.

June was a crazy month for picture taking… I got a new Canon 40D and I’ve shot almost 2000 photos in 2 weeks.  At this rate, I’m gonna need a new hard drive to store all of these.  I’ve uploaded a whole bunch of them so take a look at the photos page for more.

That’s all for now.

Grandma and Grandpa’s Visit

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And so ends a fun week with Grandma and Grandpa.  Emily had a WONDERFUL time!  All in all it was a pretty crazy week.  We had our formal ultrasound for Baby #2 and confirmed he’s a boy, Jo and Pedro had Baby Mo (aka. Matthew) and Emily has been walking like crazy.  I took a boat load of pictures so you can check them out on our photo page.

Among the excitement, Grandpa and I replaced the kitchen faucet and he took me to the driving range to teach me how to tee off.  To sum it up in a few words, I need some help and maybe even a prayer.  I had a really good time though.  I plan to practice a lot more and hopefully someday be able to play with the big boys.

Sex In The City…

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Yes, I need to turn in my “guy card”, I saw Sex In The City with Jennifer tonight. Grandma gave us a date night by watching Emily so we went to see a chick flick. Yes, I enjoyed it.

A very exciting day…

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Today was a very exciting day.  We had our formal ultrasound and got a great look at Baby Smith.  He was one active little boy that’s for sure.  We confirmed that he’s a BOY and were lucky enough to get a 4D look at him.  I upload the pictures, you can access them by clicking the image to the left.

4D ultrasounds are usually done at 26-28 weeks so the pictures weren’t as revealing as they could be but check them out anyway!