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Cold and Flu Season

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Cold and flu season has hit our family hard. A few weeks ago I had a touch of the flu.  Last week both Jennifer and Emily were sick and to top things off, Emily had a nasty fever yesterday.  Everyone is on the mend so things are looking up.

Emily continues to crawl like crazy.  She pulls herself up with both our ottoman and couch.  She also babbles like crazy, it looks like we have a talker.  Would you expect anything less?  Look at her daddy!

I learned a hard lesson this week.  When you have a large opening in need of a baby gate expect to pay BIG!  We’re making final touches to our baby proofing but Emily still finds a way to get into things and she seems to find any crumb on the floor.  She like a mini vacuum cleaner!

She continues to be adorable.  Keep tuned here for more pictures coming soon.