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Saying goodbye to an old friend…

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It was a sad weekend as we said goodbye to Ollie. We adopted our dog Ollie 3 years ago from a shelter. Over the past few years we’ve worked to rehabilitate him. Unfortunately, last week he took a snap at Emily. He thankfully didn’t break the skin but scratched her forehead a bit. This is just the beginning of “the curious years” and a warning to us as parents. I’d like to make excuses or find reason but I can’t. I only see my baby girl, the innocence of her curiosity and the fact that my dog lashed out at her.

Auntie Kate, Grandma and Grandpa George offered to adopt Ollie. Ollie now shares 3 acres with their dog Maggie. Maggie and Ollie have spent lots of time together over the past few years and they adore each other. We got an update last night from Grandma and Grandpa and apparently Ollie is having a great time in his new home.

We’re saddened to say goodbye to Ollie but overjoyed he’ll remain in our family and with people that love and want the best for him.

We see a tooth!

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This just in!!! About 48 hours ago we caught our first glimpse of a little white tooth peeking through a tiny hole in Emily’s gums.  She’s been in good spirits but a little crankier at night.  No new pictures (bad Daddy) as of yet.

Where are your teeth?

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This free moment brought to you by Southwest Airlines.  I submit this blog entry from Terminal A in Sacramento California as I wait for my outbound flight to Las Vegas.

A LOT has happened since my last entry.  On December 26th, 2007, Emily decided she had enough of the “combat crawl” and decided to take her first try at crawling.  Since then it’s like someone has flipped a switch on her.  She is into EVERYTHING and she has taken a liking to Daddy’s home theater system (I’m so proud).  She continues to babbled and smile like crazy.  The one thing we don’t have is teeth.

On January 15th, Emily will be 10 months old yet no teeth.  If I have to feed her mash potatoes and cream corn until the end of time, I’m OK with that.  A pretty blue eyed girl with no teeth might even keep her from dating until 28 so again, more pluses than minuses with this whole “lack of teeth” thing.

Time to head to the gate, hope you enjoyed this quick entry.