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It’s begging to look a lot like…

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…crawling.  Emily now gets herself on all fours and wants to crawl but just hasn’t figured out that if she moves everything in sequence she’ll do it.  So the daunting task of baby proofing the house begins of which I am not looking forward to.

Thanks Giving came and went.  We both gave thanks to God for our beautiful little girl.  We spent the holiday with my sister and extended family (the Frizzell’s) in Lake Tahoe.  It was Emily’s first trip to the snow (kinda).  Not a lot of snow to be found though we did find some of the “man made kind” at Squaw Valley.  Emily seemed to be very curious and maybe a bit taken aback by snow.  I’ve posted pictures on the website

We’ve been all about home improvements lately.  We just finished tiling our kitchen floor thanks to some help from one of my coworkers.  Tiling wasn’t nearly as hard as I anticipated it would be but VERY messy.  We did it in our spare time so it took about 2 weekends.  Since I am such a novice, I’m certain I slowed down the process.  Regardless it turned out AMAZING.  I’ll have pictures of it soon.

With home improvement projects under our belt we get ready for Christmas.  We order new customized stockings with our names on them and we’ll be heading up to the mountains this weekend to cut down a Christmas Tree (pictures to come).  I’m hoping to get the Christmas lights on the house this weekend because I know I’m going to blink and then it’s going to be December 24th.

We’re spending our first Christmas at home with Emily.  Grandma and Grandpa will be coming to town in a few weeks so that will add to the excitement.  Thats all for now, thanks for reading.

Almost crawling…

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This free momet brought to you by my lunch break. It’s only a matter of time before Emily starts to crawl. The past few days she has learned that she can lift her upper and lower body at the same time. All she has to do now is get everything moving together and BLAMO, she’ll be crawling.

This of course presents an entirely new challenge for day. The joy of baby proofing the house!

On a separate note, Jennifer and I finally tiled our kitchen floor. We used 18in by 18in Travertine tiles (I’ll have pictures online soon)… It looks awesome! Emily loves the new floor too so all is well other then her newest cold.

Wednesday marks Emily’s second trip. We’ll be spending Thanksgiving in Lake Tahoe. Emily already told me that she misses Grandma and Grandpa. I promised her she’d see them again soon. That’s all for now.

Back from Southern California

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We’re back from Southern California. Emily had a wonderful time with Grandma and Grandpa.  Mom and Dad had a fun time at Disneyland even though we missed our little girl.

I uploaded some pictures this morning.  A few weeks ago we took Emily to the Guinness world record holding largest corn maze in Dixon, CA.

I also uploaded pictures from Halloween of our Pumpkin and pumkins.  Hope you enjoy.

Emily’s First Flight…

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It’s much more difficult these days finding time to blog so I have to take advantage of every free moment. This free moment is brought to you by Southwest airlines. I’m currently at 32,000 feet. Emily, Mommy and Grandma are one row ahead of me. Today marks Emily’s first flight. She’s going to spend the next few days in Ridgecreast with Grandma and Grandpa while Mom and I have fun in Disneyland. Now that just doesn’t sound right, does it? We’re about 45 minutes into the flight and she has been doing great.

In other Emily news, she started sitting up on her own yesterday. She’s been sitting up with help for awhile but she clearly understands how to sit up now without help. She continues to be the most amazing thing that has EVER happened to us.

With the winter months comes the colds and coughs. Of which one of us has at any given time. Oh well…