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Yes, this BLOG still works!

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Some complaints have surfaced about the blog not being updated.  Yes, it’s true, work and the demands of a 7 month old baby girl have caused me to loose track of my blog.  Until yesterday, pictures hadn’t been updated since August.

But I make a new pledge to work hard to keep this blog and the pictures up to date and with that, I give to you a massive Emily update.

Things that haven’t changed:
– Emily is still adorable.
– Emily still has no teeth.

Things that have changed:
– Although not crawling yet, she rolls around like crazy.
– She can prop her entire upper body up but hasn’t figured out that if she puts her butt in the air she can crawl.
– She smiles and laughs ALL THE TIME.
JUST THIS WEEK she started saying “Ma Ma” and “Da Da” although she hasn’t connected the dots as to what they mean… yet.
– She loves to stand up (with help) and gets the idea about putting one foot in front of the other.
– She grabs at things and likes to drink water from a plastic cup like a grown up.
– She eats rice cereal, veggies (not fond of peas) and LOVES fruit.

Emily is absolutely the most amazing thing I’ve seen in my entire life!  She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen (yes, I’m bias)!