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Emily’s First Trip To The Fair

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Last night marks a stage in every young child’s life, the first trip to the fair.  Emily road shotgun with me in the Baby Bjorn.  She was awake long enough to walk through the Commercial Building and check out the different sets of steak knifes for sale.  It wasn’t long before she slept against Daddy’s chest.

We decided she was a bit young to enjoy Funnel Cake and Kettle Corn <maybe next time>.  It was a fun night!  And of course, we had multiple cameras present so enjoy the pictures.

Too Much Time Since My Last Entry…

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Today’s BLOG entry is dedicated to Grandma and Grandpa George who I’m certain have been looking forward to more pictures.  It’s been about a month too long since I submitted a BLOG entry – so much has changed.

Emily is smiling like crazy now!  She’s by far the most adorable baby girl I’ve seen in my entire life.  She gets more and more expressive as days go by and there’s no question in my mind that she fully recognizes mommy and daddy.

My first Father’s Day came and went.  Jennifer got me a digital BBQ thermometer while Emily got me a cute little onesy (spelling) and a book.  The cards and gifts were followed by a wonderful dinner at one of my favorite BBQ restaurants.  Emily was looking as adorable as ever… so was mommy.

The other night, Emily and I sat on the couch together.  She stared at me so intently while I touched her forehead.  She then let out a huge smile and continued to look peaceful.  After about 5 minutes of a stare down, her eyes got heavy and closed.  It was by far one of my favorite moments to date.