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Jennifer’s First Mothers Day

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I’m not sure it could have been a better day.  The weather was GREAT and mommy and Emily seemed to have a wonderful time.  I made Jennifer breakfast in the morning and then she got to open her gifts from Emily and I.  Emily was in a great mood most of the day so that made for an extra bonus.  After breakfast and gifts, we packed up and had a nice picnic in Rocklin.  It was soooooo relaxing.  I think Jennifer enjoyed her surprise back rub too.

We also took some pictures of Emily -> CLICK HERE

Not too much to report.  Last week Emily got weighed and she’s now tipping the scales at 9 lbs / 1 oz and given the way she’s eating, I’d venture to bet she’s on her way to 10 lbs.  Grandma will be coming into town later this week to help Jennifer with Emily since I’ll be traveling for work this weekend and upcoming week.  I think both Jennifer and Grandma are super excited.

That’s all for now… Hope you enjoy the new pictures!

All Smiles and More Pictures

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It’s been about a week since my last blog update.  I spent last weekend in Chicago to attend Paul’s graduation from Navy Basic Training.  I can’t express enough how proud I am of him and his decision.  I uploaded pictures from the trip.  I’m sure you’ll all be impressed by how good Paul looks in uniform.  Click here to see pictures from my Chicago weekend.

In the world of Emily, smiles are the new thing.  She continues to break my heart with each cry, smile and look.  I also uploaded new pictures of her.  Not too many this time, only 96.  Click here to see the latest Emily pictures!

Jennifer and I continue to enjoy parenthood.  We’ve started taking Emily out a bunch and she seems to enjoy car rides and breakfast at Suzie’s (our favorite breakfast joint).

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza!

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I can’t believe I finished my last blog entry without a rant about my new favorite food.  While in Chicago I enjoyed authentic Chicago Deep Dish at Gino’s East and I can’t believe I’d gone my whole life without enjoying that kind of Pizza.  I’m happy I don’t live in Chicago because if I did I’d grow to the size of Texas!