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Yes… They’re smiles

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I can confirm that Emily is smiling!!!

Last night while changing her diaper I got a nice big smile and it pretty much broke my heart. I guess Jen wasn’t lying after all.

Poop and Smiles!

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6 Weeks, 1 Day | While changing a diaper yesterday, Jennifer claims she got a nice big “gummy” smile. So, I’m not sure entirely I believe her since I have made several attempts since this acclaimed “smile incident” without success.

Fatherly Tip of the Week: If you have a chance to invest in Pampers prior to having a child, DO IT! If I knew how many diapers this beautiful girl would go through in a single day, you can bet I would have made a hefty investment. As I continue with my diaper rank, I remain impressed with the non-womanly like sounds this girl makes. She makes me blush at times… I’m sooooooo proud!!! We call them “Anal Explosions”!

Of course later in life I’m sure Emily will really appreciate me making this public knowledge on the family website. That’s all for now!

6 Weeks of Wonder!

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Week 6 | It’s hard to believe that 6 weeks ago Emily came into this world… Through my eyes, a world without Emily is a world without the sun, moon and the oceans. She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. So I guess I need to give a bit of an update since it’s been a few weeks since my last blog.

Mom and Emily are doing wonderful! I’m back at work now but mommy has another 6 weeks at home which is wonderful. Emily is doing wonderful and is getting bigger by the day! She’s sleeping well at night which is good for mommy and daddy. My only concern is that she continues to get more and more beautiful. That equals more and more trouble for daddy. I’m just grateful my father-in-law likes to make guns!

So a little off topic but still related to Emily… I’d like to pay my respects to the man or woman that created Tivo. I’ve discovered have valuable owning a Tivo is when you have a baby. Jen and I aren’t that into TV but the shows we do enjoy are usually watched in the middle of the night while Emily feeds. Along the same lines, I’m shocked that our minds and bodies have adapted to only 4 hours of sleep.

That’s all I have for now. More pictures are coming soon!

Correction… Blue or Brown?

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Day 18 | On an earlier blog entry I made mention that Emily’s blue eyes were turning brown. They might have changed a bit when she was battling jaundice early on but for the record, they’re still blue.

I’m sorry Aidan, she’s off limits for 18 years!

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17 Days | Unbelievable!!! We blinked and 17 days have passed and we can’t imagine life without Emily. This past Thursday was her 2 week check up. I didn’t know this, but it’s normal for a baby to loose a few pounds after birth. Considering Emily was 5lbs, 11.7ozs, this thought freaked me out. The goal for any baby is to get back to their birth weight or above by the 2 week check up. Emily didn’t disappoint. She was 5lbs. 14ozs and well on her way to the big 6 pound mark!

Last night, Jennifer, Jason and Aidan Denzel prepared dinner for us. It was such a nice visit. Aidan really seems to understand who/what Emily is and that for the next 18 years she’s TOTALLY off limits. Aidan and I had a talk while mom and dad weren’t looking and I think we worked things out. Let’s face it, I’m more worried about Josh’s “future son” then Aidan!

We have a bunch of new pictures online from Week 2. Jason brought over his new DSLR (Digital SLR) Camera so we’ve got some really cool pictures from that as well. ENJOY!