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Touring The Hospital…

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Week 30 | Jennifer and I toured Kaiser Hospital last night. Unfortunately, the Roseville labor and delivery will not be open in time for baby’s arrival so we’ve decided to deliver baby at Kaiser Morse Ave. It’s only about a 20-30 minute drive (depending on traffic) from home so hopefully when the time comes, baby doesn’t try to make an early appearance. I also set up my PDA so I can blog from it so if we have down time while mommy’s laboring, I can add commentary. :) Of course we’ll keep that a secret from Jennifer.

We also had our second “Preparing For Child Birth” class this week where we pretty much learned the stages of labor and we also practiced relaxation and breathing.

That’s all for now.

Ahhh, Now That’s Just Cute!

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Week 29.5 | The nursery is really starting to take shape. On Friday night we got the crib assembled and it looks awesome. Pictures are (of course) online.

Baby Smith’s pretty face :)

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Week 29 | This was a totally busy baby week. Since my last entry, we attended our first baby class (on Wednesday night). While we were introducing ourselves, they asked us to say what qualities they want baby to inherit for Mom and Dad. Jennifer said that she wanted baby Smith to get my sense of humor and confidence. I, on the flip side, said I wanted baby to get Mom’s good looks. I turned my comment into a joke exclaiming that Mom’s good looks would probably back fire on me when baby got to age 14. My joke went over like a lead balloon. :)

Our 3D Ultrasound was yesterday! It was soooooo cool. We got to see baby Smith’s cute little face. She wasn’t totally cooperative (go figure) but we got some cute shots. The good news, she doesn’t look like me! :) We’ve put pictures of the 3D ultrasound online. You can check them out by clicking here.

She’s continues to move and kick like crazy. Jennifer and I are starting to get things in order. Her crib arrived this week. I haven’t set it up yet since it was such a crazy week, hopefully I’ll get to it this weekend.

Jennifer’s not feeling to well tonight. It would appear that our busy week caught up to her. She’s got a bit of a sore throat and a runny nose. Looks like daddy will be caring for mommy this weekend.

Tic Toc, Still Growing…

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Week 29 | We had a baby appointment today and everything looked GREAT! Baby continues to move and kick like crazy. Mommy is growing quite nicely and Daddy has been able to limit his growth in the mid section. Jennifer had her glucose level checked this week by drinking that weird super sweet orange flavored drink. She also had blood work done and everything looks wonderful!!!

The clock continues to tic and we can’t wait! Tomorrow is our 3D ultrasound, thanks to all our insiders at Kaiser, so we’re super excited to see what baby looks like. :)


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Since the start of the pregnancy I’ve been writing down my thoughts so I figured I’d turn them into an offical