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Baby Smith is a GIRL!

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Week 19 | There is only one word I can use to describe what I saw today… WOW! Today was our formal ultrasound and by far the clearest pictures we’ve seen of Baby Smith thus far! We spent about 30-40 minutes in a dark room as the Radiology tech took measurements. It was pretty difficult to make out what she was looking at but I could see her taking measurements of the head, spine and even a really close view of the heart. Then it came time for us to get our pictures which OF COURSE we’re putting on display for you. Seeing the baby at this stage was mind blowing and if I’ve ever questioned miracles this answered any questions I’ve had. Jennifer and I both cried at the sight of this baby and continued as the long awaited question was answered… IT’S A GIRL! Yes, that’s right folks, Dad AND Mom were right all along. For all you genetic counselor friends of mine, please take a look at slides 18 and 19 and make sure she is a she. :)