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Where should I start? Well it’s been so long I guess I should start with Chico. In October of 2003, I was offered a position with Clear Channel in Sacramento (KFBK/KSTE/KGBY/KHYL) and I’ve been working as thier Information Technology Manager since. Jen was able to transfer within her company to thier Sacramento offices. We both work in Sacramento and live happily in Rocklin, CA (a suburb outside of Sacramento). We are still renting, but looking to buy a house in the near future. Life in the big city is different. It’s a little more fast paced (as expected) but we’ve adjusted well. I realize it’s been about a year since I did anything with the site. Jen and I have some new pictures we’re scanning in and will be doing some updating here in the next few days.


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I’ve started another website called – site is no longer online (12/2005). It’s really a haven for a tech dork. If you ever get interested in what I do for 60 hours a week, visit the site.