The Blow Out … A Poop Story

Posted on Tuesday, November 18th, 2008 at 12:35 pm

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So what would a blog entry be without a good poop story. Saturday marked another adventure out as we headed to Apple Hill with Matthew and the rest of the Martinezmoles clan. Mr. Ethan has been a bit on the gassy side. I had him latched into the Baby Bjorn when I heard and felt the rumble. A dark stink cloud followed and it wasn’t long before I realized that he needed to be changed right away.

What I didn’t see initially was it had blown out the FRONT of the diaper (one of the leg holes) and was inches from covering the shirt I was wearing. It’s amazing what happens to you when you become a parent. Before my parenting days I would have been 100% repulsed. Instead I looked down and thought, “wow, impressive, I guess I should change him.”

Both kids are doing WONDERFUL and I couldn’t be more happy, even with poop on my shirt. Make sure to check out the newly uploaded video of Emily and I dancing like crazy people.

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