Poop and Smiles!

Posted on Friday, April 27th, 2007 at 1:07 pm

6 Weeks, 1 Day | While changing a diaper yesterday, Jennifer claims she got a nice big “gummy” smile. So, I’m not sure entirely I believe her since I have made several attempts since this acclaimed “smile incident” without success.

Fatherly Tip of the Week: If you have a chance to invest in Pampers prior to having a child, DO IT! If I knew how many diapers this beautiful girl would go through in a single day, you can bet I would have made a hefty investment. As I continue with my diaper rank, I remain impressed with the non-womanly like sounds this girl makes. She makes me blush at times… I’m sooooooo proud!!! We call them “Anal Explosions”!

Of course later in life I’m sure Emily will really appreciate me making this public knowledge on the family website. That’s all for now!

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